Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter vs. My New Vintage Coat: The Ultimate Battle ( ...or not)

50s fur-trimmed coat, omg

Winter is really getting my goat! We've got another snowstorm on the way, and it's supposed to last until Friday. Spring obviously isn't coming around the corner anytime soon, so I might as well make an effort and try to embrace winter as much as I can. Winter's like a houseguest who has outstayed her welcome, but I only get to see that houseguest once a year so I might as well make the most of her visit! ...or something. Not the most perfect analogy, but you get what I mean.

Maybe it's almost a good thing that winter's sticking around for a bit, since I just found this amazing vintage, fur-trimmed coat at an estate sale recently! Dave and I originally took these photos for etsy shop purposes, but after seeing the pictures I'm not so sure I want to sell this. It's so cozy and classically, perfectly tailored. I love the shawl collar!

check that shawl collar, baybee

The photos ended up being too overexposed to use for the shop, and both of our cameras are currently out of commission, so I guess I have time to decide whether or not to keep it until new photos can be taken.

So cozy!

'Til that time comes, I'll be keeping cozy and warm! G'night!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Warm weather memories

November flashback

Blouse: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Cardigan: Lilly Pulitzer
Jeans: Banana Republic
Flats: Calvin Klein
Socks: Target
Headband: TJ Maxx
Little deer brooch: decoylab on etsy

It just won't stop snowing here in Buffalo! I'm so jealous of all those lucky gals who live in warmer climes, and who are already blogging photos of themselves picnicking in pretty dresses. It's just not fair! I haven't been too inspired to put much effort into the way I dress lately; the cold weather is just so depressing. Also, part of my day job requires making deliveries around town, so I can't go exactly go prancing around in little dresses in the Buffalo winter while I'm at work. It just ain't happening.

So that's why I'm posting an old outfit today. I wore this in November, when we had an uncommonly warm, 65F degree day! Oh, please, please let us have another day like this soon! I have some wintery, seasonally-appropriate things in the works for posting soon, I promise (including some etsy updates I'm very excited about), but for now I just want to daydream.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Miss Hiccup's Vintage: The Cast of Characters

Dressed up for a night on the town

Okay, so here's a proper introduction post with a little more info about my family and me, since I realized that my first post didn't provide many background details at all!

The above photo is probably about a year old, but I still really like it. See that handsome gentleman up there? He's my fiance, Dave, and he's a brilliant graphic designer, artist, and noise musician. He takes most of the photos you'll be seeing on this blog, as well as most of my etsy photos! He's pretty great. We also have a super-fun band together called Quest For Friends! We sing songs about high fives, chubby kitties, and science. It's goofy, silly awesomeness.

This is Zen! He's a cute baby. In this picture, he's asking to be pet.

Here's Shiro! He's a cuddly, plump mischief-maker.

Don't worry; I keep these guys far away from the clothes I sell, and double-check everything before sending it out!

As for me? I'm an office-worker and courier with dreams of owning my own brick-and-mortar store. Also, the above photo is making me want to cut my hair short again so bad.

Nice meeting you! Until next time, then!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Lake and Stars Lookbook Images (still NSFW, sorry!)

Wow, my weekend just slipped right by! I didn't have time to put together a proper blog post, but since I'm new at this, I'd really like to get in the habit of posting regularly. I remember I promised to post some images from The Lake and Stars beautiful new S/S 10 lookbook, so without further ado, here they are! I love the daring adventure-girl, femme fatale vibe.

The lookbook was shot by Tom Hines, and the screenshots are from If they're yours and you'd like me to remove them, I'd be happy to.

Your comments on my last post were so encouraging, by the way! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pretty pretty panties: The Lake and Stars (maybe not 100% work safe)

Lake and Stars Genius bodysuit

I have a weak spot for pretty, yet financially out-of-reach unmentionables. Labels like Stella McCartney and Agent Provocateur make me swoon with sartorial lust. Most recently, I have been enchanted by the ethereal pieces created by The Lake and Stars. Even the name is dreamy! I love their dusky pastel color palette, combined with light-as-air mesh, silk, jersey, and unexpected details. The silhouettes are vintage-inspired, yet fresh and modern. It's not your typical lingerie.

I think I will dedicate a separate post to some images from their latest lookbook, but for now I'll do a teaser featuring some pieces that I really, really would not mind having in my arsenal. No, ma'am, I would not mind it at all.

Lake and Stars Franklin tank

Lake and Stars Franklin briefs
This "Franklin" tank and brief set is at the very top of my list! Oh, please please please I want!!! I would just live in these in the summertime.

Lake and Stars Truce romper
This sold-out romper has suspenders and a little pocket. A pocket!!!

Lake and Stars bow bralette
From their ballerina-inspired collection. Ballerinas!! How could you go wrong??

Lake and Stars Antidote set

Lake and Stars set

Most of these pretties are out my reach, money-wise, although occasionally they're on super-sale at Gilt Groupe. I was recently able to snag a set; I can't wait for it to come!

Images snagged from knickersblog, Journelle, Bonadrag, and kenyastyle, in order from top to bottom. I'll happily take the images down upon request.