Thursday, October 27, 2011

Anniversary Adventures!

Anniversary Adventures!

These photos are a month old and making me wish for the sun so much, as well as an excuse to wear this utterly perfect dress again. After coveting t.b.a.'s S/S '11 collection all season long, and just missing out on my top-favorite ballerina dress on website after website (it kept selling out before my eyes), I decided to treat myself to my second-favorite dress from the collection - this one - when it finally went on sale on ASOS this summer. It was a bit of a splurge, but I'm glad I went for it because the dress is GORGEOUS, comfortable, and fits perfectly. It's also made of some of the nicest, softest silk I've ever felt. My one regret is that it's too short to wear for work.

Since it's a special dress, I saved it for a special occassion to wear it for the first time: my one year (paper!) anniversary with my husband. The weather was perfect, especially for late September. We went for brunch buffet at the Roycroft, which is not-so-coincidentally where we got married (followed by a brunch reception!), and were able to eat outside on their beautiful porch. Brunch comes with a complimentary beverage there - I love when that happens! I also love when my drink unintentionally matches my outfit:

Drink/Outfit Coordination
Mmm, poinsettia.

We also explored their stunning gardens, where the flowers were still in full bloom:
Roycroft garden

Then we went back home and I posed to the maxx. How about a closeup of those cute, sheer insets at the shoulder and collar?
Shoulder detail.

Pose A

Back View


Oh, and the shoes! They're really intense AllSaints wedges purchased with a gift card I won on Keiko Lynn's blog. I LOVE them - they're super high quality, definitely amp up an outfit, and are surprisingly comfy!

Pose B

Thanks for visiting, buddies!

Dress: t.b.a. via ASOS sales
Shoes: AllSaints
Bag: vintage, via my aunt & mom. Sadly, the strap bit the dust over vacation. :(

Photos by Dave. I love that guy so much!