Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter vs. My New Vintage Coat: The Ultimate Battle ( ...or not)

50s fur-trimmed coat, omg

Winter is really getting my goat! We've got another snowstorm on the way, and it's supposed to last until Friday. Spring obviously isn't coming around the corner anytime soon, so I might as well make an effort and try to embrace winter as much as I can. Winter's like a houseguest who has outstayed her welcome, but I only get to see that houseguest once a year so I might as well make the most of her visit! ...or something. Not the most perfect analogy, but you get what I mean.

Maybe it's almost a good thing that winter's sticking around for a bit, since I just found this amazing vintage, fur-trimmed coat at an estate sale recently! Dave and I originally took these photos for etsy shop purposes, but after seeing the pictures I'm not so sure I want to sell this. It's so cozy and classically, perfectly tailored. I love the shawl collar!

check that shawl collar, baybee

The photos ended up being too overexposed to use for the shop, and both of our cameras are currently out of commission, so I guess I have time to decide whether or not to keep it until new photos can be taken.

So cozy!

'Til that time comes, I'll be keeping cozy and warm! G'night!

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  1. aww i feel you! winter is never ending! but at least you have a really pretty vintage coat to get you through the last of the snowy days!