Thursday, February 11, 2010

Miss Hiccup's Vintage: The Cast of Characters

Dressed up for a night on the town

Okay, so here's a proper introduction post with a little more info about my family and me, since I realized that my first post didn't provide many background details at all!

The above photo is probably about a year old, but I still really like it. See that handsome gentleman up there? He's my fiance, Dave, and he's a brilliant graphic designer, artist, and noise musician. He takes most of the photos you'll be seeing on this blog, as well as most of my etsy photos! He's pretty great. We also have a super-fun band together called Quest For Friends! We sing songs about high fives, chubby kitties, and science. It's goofy, silly awesomeness.

This is Zen! He's a cute baby. In this picture, he's asking to be pet.

Here's Shiro! He's a cuddly, plump mischief-maker.

Don't worry; I keep these guys far away from the clothes I sell, and double-check everything before sending it out!

As for me? I'm an office-worker and courier with dreams of owning my own brick-and-mortar store. Also, the above photo is making me want to cut my hair short again so bad.

Nice meeting you! Until next time, then!

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