Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fresh eyes.

Fresh eyes

Dress: vintage (70s), gift from my sister
Belt: came with the dress!
Tooled leather handbag: gift from my mom
Shoes: vintage Ferragamos, estate sale
New glasses!: Tory Burch, gift from Dave

Some photos by Dave, others are by me!

When my younger sister asked what I wanted for Christmas last year, I blurted “Well you know I like vintage!” pretty much without thinking, and immediately regretted it – what a jerk I am! It’s incredibly difficult to source attractive vintage clothing with my specific measurements, and cute dresses are becoming more and more expensive – surely she wouldn’t be able to find anything in her price range, even if she found my size. I felt like I was asking her to find a needle in a haystack. But she delivered (and even said she had fun doing it, like she was dressing a doll)! This dress is absolutely perfect, and just what I was looking for: a fun print (I sorely lack prints in my wardrobe beyond polka dots), and a casual silhouette, perfect for a girl who buys way too many fancy 50s and 60s party dresses. Oh, and the dress is from the 70s, further diversifying my wardrobe.

I’d been dying all winter to wear this, and broke it out at the first hint of warm sun. I would probably never have picked this out for myself, but thanks to a fresh pair of eyes, I now have the PERFECT summer dress. The colors, print, and material are all too good. Thanks, sis!

On this particular, lazy-gorgeous day, we went to a coffee shop...

Sippin a smoothie.
Isn't my husband cute?

...and lunched at one of our favorite local places, Bistro Europa. I got these slammin' scallops:
Amazing scallops from Bistro Europa

Dave had their always-amazing pierogies. They are each as big as my fist!

Then we did some window shopping. RAD DAY!

Thanks for reading!