Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunday Girl

Aw man, I am behind in blogging... this outfit is nearly two weeks old! And it is still tights weather here in Buffalo... grrr. Anway, I wore this on Mother’s Day. In honor of my mom, I carried this amazing vintage house purse that was hers in the 60s. Each side is hand-painted with amazing detail – vines, flowers, birds in a birdcage, bricks, and a little sign with her name on it. I spent a lot of time admiring it as a child, and when she gave it to me a few years ago I was beyond thrilled. It’s delicate, so I only bust it out occasionally.

Also, I am very much in love with this new skirt! The knit detail along the bottom makes me really happy, and it’s surprisingly versatile. Actually, come to think of it, I'm wearing it now! Whoa.

Sunday Girl

Cardigan: BCBG (hand-me-up from my cute sister)
Top: ancient
Skirt: Pringle 1815 via The Outnet
Tights: Banana Republic
Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden (faaaaaave shoes)
House purse: my mom's in the 60s
Moto jacket: local boutique
Sweet wayfarers: etsy

All photos by Dave.

Skirt detail:

Now get ready for a boatload (or HOUSEload!!!) of house purse pics:


Enter through the roof!

Someday I will have to show you the rest of my little 60s box purse collection, but the house purse is definitely my favorite of them all. <3

Later in the day, we had places to be, and when we were getting ready to leave I asked Dave if he was "ready to rock." Coooooool poses ensued:


I bet you have never seen anything so cool. If you have some cool poses that you think would top these, please share - I would love to see. Let's have a COOL-OFF, everybody!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

1930s Color Fashion Film

Dave forwarded this charming little 30s fashion video on to me, knowing I would like it (he was right). I just had to share it with you, too! Make sure your speakers are on, as the ladies describe their clothing in a most adorable fashion.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Stars in my eyes.

Stars in my eyes.

This past weekend, the weather was finally finally finally nice enough to do a proper outfit post without freezing! This is what I wore for a lovely, perfect day walking, estate saling, dining, and gallery-going with my cute husband.


I bought this dress a couple of months ago from Lauren of Dear Golden, who very kindly answered a flurry of excited questions and put it on reserve for me after I saw a preview in one of her tweets. It's done up in a gorgeously sumptuous wool crepe (perfect for spring/fall transition weather), has pockets (yay!), and - best of all - is studded with teensy metal stars. They're not sewn on with no flimsy thread, either - the metal is studded right through the fabric. They're here to stay, and they mean business. It doesn't fit quiiiiiite right in the bust, but I'm kind of wearing it anyway. I mean, look at it. You would too.





Let's zoom in a little closer...


And how about even closer...


Yes, my friends. That is what perfection looks like.

1940s dress: DearGoldenVintage
Trench: Priorities
Boots: Miz Mooz
Handbag: vintage, Morris Moskowitz
Fawn brooch: etsy
Brass swan ring: street fair

Photos: Dave