Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Best Lazy Day Ever

Oh my goodness, this has been the busiest summer ever, and my blog has really suffered from the effects - this is my first update in over a month! July and August were filled with wedding planning, lovely bridal showers (courtesy of my future mom-in-law, sisters, and aunts - thanks, ladies ♥ ), art shows, and Quest For Friends performances. Intense! Although it's all been fun, Dave and I haven't had a weekend to ourselves in forever. This past weekend, however, was gloriously free of commitments, and we had two days completely to ourselves to do whatever we wanted! Heaven!


Shell pink tank: my mommy gave it to me
Silk pixellated skirt: vintage (80s), from mimisgamine
Vintage granny shoes: yard sale, purchased directly from the granny herself
Bag: vintage (70s?), gift from my mother
Beaded rope necklace: lilypickford, purchased at a local craft show
House ring: wewear
Swan ring: gift from Dave, from the Elmwood Art Festival
Gold earrings: gift from my gramma

All photos by Dave

We opted to spend our weekend videogaming (Brutal Legend for the win!), art festivalling, and eating really good food.

Nomming toast.
Nom-town USA!

Brunch on Sunday was to die for. We went to Bistro Europa, one of our favorite local haunts, to sample their deluxe breakfast options for the first time. He had rosemary-basted eggs over polenta, and I was a bit daring with their version of a Grand Slam: truffled potato hash, tempura fried egg, and braised pork belly. I wasn't sure I would like it (especially the pork belly), but it was melt-in-my-mouth incredible. I also had a huge mimosa made with fresh-squeezed o.j., and we split a basket of their wonderful home-made pastries, which contained the best croissant I've ever had. The prices were all quite reasonable, too! I'm aching to go back.

Oh, and while we were there, I ran into the lovely Jess from Feathers and Rags! It was odd but nice to run into a fellow Buffalo blogger; there are so few of us. She was very sweet and gracious!

Scanning Aella's booth at the Elmwood Art Festival.

Next on the agenda was the Elmwood Art Festival, an annual celebration in the heart of one of my favorite villages in the city. Many local crafters come to strut their stuff! I was surprised to come across a young, local fashion label this year, Aella. I don't know much about indie Buffalo designers, other than the fact that the few I've seen haven't really been to my taste and just seem to regurgitate trends from 5 years ago. Aella was different though: fresh, girly, simple, with luxe fabric choices. I'll have to find out more about them, maybe for a future blog post.


This guy was at the festival last year. He makes awesome rings, and resizes them while you wait. He's fun to watch! I lost the mystical owl ring I bought from him last year, so Dave sweetly bought me a different one...

My new swan ring from my sweetheart!

It's a magical swan! It gives me +20 MP.



And that was that! Thank you for reading!