Monday, August 15, 2011

New Etsy Listing - Suzy Perette Cocktail Dress!

Suzy Perette dress!

Another dress that's going to be difficult to let go of. I could not stop twirling in this thing! It's a late 50s chiffon party dress from the legendary Suzy Perette label. This baby will do heavy duty in some lucky girl's wardrobe. Very classic Audrey/Grace; it will never, ever go out of style. I'm tempted to keep it even though the waist is too small - I can suck it in!

So glamorous it hurts


This is the last dress I'll be selling for a little while, or at least until the weather gets nice again and the weekends calm down enough to shoot more looks. Thanks for sticking with me through this little etsy-listing-as-outfit-post experiment. There didn't seem to be much interest in it, so I think I'll do something else to show my listings in the future. The last thing I want to do is spam anyone, and that certainly wasn't my intention here.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I'll be back soon with a not-for-sale, I-really-wore-this outfit post!

Suzy Perette dress: for sale in my shop
Heels: Vintage from Just, a local boutique

Photos by Dave


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    1. I love the detail in that dress and your ankle strap sandals are beautiful!

      Hope you had an amazing time!
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      Hope you had the greatest time living it up!!
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