Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ace of Lace


I've just gotta show off this perfect little lace jacket that my sister gave to me for my birthday last month. She found it at an estate sale. It is so delicate, and has a perfect little peter pan collar and a wonderful boxy fit. I'm pretty sure it's from the 60s! I wore this to work a couple of weeks ago and felt super fancy.


I also experimented with dark nail polish. I think it counteracted the sweetness of the lace quite nicely. It's almost edgy - and I say "almost" because I figured out a long time ago that I just can't do edgy at all. Or witchy. Or cool. But I'm fine with girly, sweet, and dorky! Work whatcha got!


60s lace jacket: gift from my sister
Camisole: Urban Outfitters
Pencil skirt: American Apparel (years old now and looking a bit tired; I need to upgrade!)
Heels: Me Too

Photos by Dave


  1. well you don't look like a dork here! gorgeous little jacket and you look super sweet...good shoes. very good shoes.

  2. so funny - the page loaded and i saw your lace blouse and thought you had gotten it in my shop because i recently sold one JUST like it. but alas, it was a sweet gift. you are all kinds of cute, either way!

  3. Thank you, Amy and Lauren! So sweet of you to say! Lauren, I think I missed that top, unless it was one of those things in your shop that I only had the chance to swoon over briefly before some other girl snapped it up (as is often the case)!