Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bargain Bounty Hunter Attack!

Subtle texture

I wore this outfit to work last week. Ugh, work - boring! Not an exotic locale for an outfit debut at all. This look is pretty exciting to me though, because it's full of my favorite designer labels purchased at a supreme bargain (also because I think it's pretty, duh).

My mom found the top at Filene's (or was it Filene's Basement?) several years ago. The price tag proclaimed it was Prada, though the inner tag just says "Made in Italy." A little odd, especially since Filene's has a great reputation, one that is not associated with selling counterfeits or misrepresenting designers. Regardless, the top was cute and cheap so she picked it up (originally for herself, though she ended up giving it to me - thanks, Mom!). I don't suppose anyone out there recognizes it, do they?

The no-name cardi was purchased for my high school graduation, erm, over 10 years ago! It's made of knitted plastic, which adds textural interest to any outfit, but I don't wear it much because it doesn't breathe.

I've got the vapors!

The spectators? Ferragamos I found on ebay several years ago for a mere $10! Including the box! Barely worn! They are some of my nicest shoes.

The skirt is the most exciting to me. I am a huge, huge Marni fan and that label is way, way out of my budget, even at 70% off or more on discount sites. I had my eye on this skirt in particular for months, swooning over it every time I saw it on The Outnet or similar. A couple of weeks ago Gilt had a final sale, and there was the skirt, one left in my size, at a price I could actually afford!!!! And now it is mine and I love it. I can't wait to wear it with short-sleeved vintage cashmere sweaters in the fall! Oh, that's soon!

So that's my extra long-winded Bargain Bounty Hunter story. I'd love to know your favorite clothing coup, sale swoop, what have you! Please leave them in the comments, and thanks very much! <3

Cold shoulder

Cardi: from high school! made of plastic!
Cami: Prada????? we'll never know!!!!
Skirt: Marni!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG
Shoes: Ferragamo, I love you

Photos by
Dave , cute hubby grand supreme


  1. You look awesome :) The Prada thing, it's so weird when that happens. I've found quite a few fake designer things at TK Maxx and it's really shocking because they're supposed to be legitimately in touch with the designers to get reductions and should be above and beyond mistaking real for fake or trying to pass it off to the customer as legit..


  2. I was brought here by tumblr. I'm glad; I like your style.