Monday, July 26, 2010

Shop Update: It's All In the Details

This update is all about simple, classic pieces with subtly exquisite detail.

1960s Charade! Dress

1970s "This Ain't No Grocery Shopping Dress" (belonged to my grandmother!)

1950s Candy Floss Blouse

Thanks for looking; hope you enjoy!


  1. I would be crushed about the Candy Floss Blouse too! What a beauty.

  2. "this Aint No Grocery Shoppin Dress." Great title. I love how it almost looks like a short sleev trench. Great finds.

  3. simple and classic indeed! these pieces are gorgeous.

    That's awesome your getting married at the Roycroft Press! I did know a little bit about the craft movement he started, but I was little unsure of what exactly it was. I didn't know there was a Roycroft Press! How cool that your getting married there. I need to do more research on the Roycroft Movement and do a post about it. Mr. Hubbard was a pretty innovative man!

  4. love love love that second dress...those sleeves! that color! so perfect.