Friday, July 9, 2010

Independence Day

Here are a few photos from my 4th of July. It was such a dreamily lovely day, and I think these photos really reflect that (thanks, Dave)! The barn photos were taken at my Dad's farm when we went to visit my parents that morning. I used to play in this barn when I was little. It was starting to fall apart even then, but it stood strong until about a year ago after staunchly fighting a long succession of savage Buffalo winters. It's a bit sad, but I also think it's very beautiful. I love delapidated barns, and always have.

80s polkadot dress: Vivienne Tam East Wind Code
Vintage crossbody bag: gift from my mother
Sandals: Bass

We moved on to my aunt's beautiful house for afternoon/evening celebrations. We picked berries, had our traditional waterballoon fights, ate stunningly delicious picnic food, and I took a turn on the swing - or maybe I just pretended; that thing was kind of rickety!



These red berries are supposedly poisonous, so I didn't eat them. I do think they're gorgeous though; anyone know what kind they are? I'm always secretly curious how they taste, but I'm not brave/silly enough to try them. It's that whole forbidden allure.


These, however, are perfectly edible! Instant snack, nom nom.

Hope everyone Stateside had a great Independence Day, and that this coming weekend is equally awesome!