Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Birthday Dress

For my birthday this year, I bought myself a very special treat: one of the prettiest vintage dresses I have ever, ever laid eyes on. Even though it broke the $100 barrier (I have never, ever purchased a dress that expensive), I bought it on the spot, without a moment's hesitation. That's how much I loved it! It definitely is one of my top 2 favorite dresses in my collection now (maybe even my very most favorite - not counting my wedding dress). I've decided that even if I outgrow it; even if the seams split or the skirt rips; even when I'm too old to wear it, I will never, ever sell it or throw it away. I will hang it where I can see it and love the hell out of it for always.

Birfday dress!

40s dress: from the amazing DearGoldenVintage, who bought it from the original owner, who wore it to Lake Leelanau back in the day (I love knowing the provenance!)
Spectator oxfords: Steven by Steve Madden, via Gilt
Hot pink 80s crossbody: my mother's, then my aunt's, now mine

That collar is just too, too good.

My birthday itself was splendid! We ate alfresco at Globe Market, did some shopping, got ice cream, and had a lovely stroll around the neighborhood. Dave got a wonderful quiche and some kind of nom-tasting salad for dinner:

Jealous of Dave's delicious quiche!

Aw, my honey.

Planning my attack.

I ordered Birthday Blast ice cream, which ended up being kind of gross-tasting but in an awesome way. The dude at the counter kindly scooped me extra when Dave mentioned it was my birthday. It was pretty epic:

Birfday ice cream

I couldn't finish it all; Dave had to help! After that was polished off, we headed home, where I drank a huge glass of champagne and fell asleep. EXCELLENT.


  1. Wow! What a dress! I love Laurens shop!
    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Adorable post! I <3 Birthday Blast ice cream!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. so cute - it looks perfect on you!!

  4. You look so lovely, and looks like you had a great birthday! Vintage birthday dresses are always a dream. <3 Happy belated birthday!

    Sarah Louise

  5. you look so pretty! happy birthday! the dress was worth every cent!

  6. Aw, such nice comments. You've all made me blush. Thank you, everyone! <3

  7. so perfectly perfect. (and I *love* your hair ~ if/when I decide to go shorter, I'm taking your About Me profile pic to my salon appointment :)

  8. Thanks, Huzzah! What a compliment!

  9. You look absolutely adorable in that dress!

    Aya of Strawberry Koi

  10. i'm so happy you got this dress. i was lusting over it but it is perfect on you! and your hair is adorable. its giving me ideas. i'm glad you had a good birthday.