Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby you know it's true...

Baby you know it's true

...that I haven't forgotten about my blog! And I still really love street festivals. The last post was a flashback to Roycroft Festival 2011, and this post zaps forward to Roycroft Festival 2012, which was just last weekend! But before I yammer on about the event, let's get those outfit details out of the way first:

50s vintage crop top!!!
Modcloth shorts (old)
70s vintage purse, my ultimate favorite
80s vintage sunnies
Big toothy grin

The crop top is something I was extra excited and proud to find. It was in the children's section of one of my favorite vintage haunts and it cost me $3. Since it's so short and has a label that says "Jrs." on it, it was mistaken for a little girl's blouse. But I noticed the bust darts and adult-size shoulder measurement and knew I had to make it mine, especially since this type of vintage separate is so hard to find. I've only ever found one other cropped blouse (from the 40s), and it was way too busty for me. This one fits perfectly! Also, these shorts used to sit lower on my hips, but I had them tailored to sit higher up once I realized how amazing they would look with the blouse. I liked them a lot before, but I like them much better now!

Also, I was taught never to sport a bare midriff, so I was a bit self-conscious about trying out this look at first. But after many positive comments (including from my grandmother!), I eased into it and can't wait to try other combinations. My favorite comment was from an oldish man who said my outfit reminded him of something his mother would wear in the 40s ("and that tells you how old I am, har har!").

And now for some cute things I saw at the fair...

Baby alpaca omg!!!!

Baby alpaca!!!!! Here he is with his mother, so you can have an idea of the cute tinyness:

Mama and baby alpaca!!!

Box of stunning vintage textiles

This one lady had a couple of boxes of beautiful vintage textile scraps. I didn't know what I'd do with any of them, but I did find a few little treasures tucked in there that I'll share later. I do wish I'd taken a little more time to look through everything; there was a lot!

Box o' bakelite

Can't go wrong with a colorful box o' bakelite. Wish it were all mine...

Beautiful vintage bicycle that I couldn't buy

Dream sunglasses

These polkadot(!) sunglasses were THE AWESOMEST but too rich for my blood.

Like a boss

I bought this hat at a local shop in town using a gift card from my mom (thanks, Mom!).

A book foretelling the existence of our cat, Cooper.

A book foretelling the existence of our cat, Cooper.

Stylin' profilin'

That's all for now, bye!

Photos by Dave. Thanks, love!


  1. In love with those shorts and the bracelet tray!

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

  2. you're back! and sporting a pixie again :D I love it! CUTE outfit!

  3. Such a happy post! Lovely outfit and that alpacka is such a cutie!

  4. I love those polka-dot shades and the bakelite! =)

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