Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Bardot Can You Go?

Shebam! Pow! Blop! Wizz!

Cotton moto jacket: Anna Grace, a local boutique
Striped shirt: Anna Grace
Skirt: Jack by BB Dakota, via Modcloth
Tights: a mystery
Heeled oxfords: Born
Silver bow headband: mylavaliere

Photos by Dave

You may not be able to tell, since I’m a flat-chested brunette with a short haircut, but this outfit was inspired by Brigitte Bardot, using a mishmash of different styles she was famous for: the classic, French, boat-neck striped shirt; a tough, sexy motorcycle jacket; and a poufy, feminine skirt and bow headband, which are in tune with the more innocent, girlish styles she sometimes wore.

The cotton motorcyle jacket is new, and a pretty major departure from my normal style, but I’ve wanted to try one for a long time, as I love the way it offsets feminine pieces. I love it; it’s sooooo comfortable that it feels like I've had it forever. It’s my new weekend staple.

la di da

frightening headshot.  be scared!

The striped boatneck shirt is another classic staple I've been searching for, for quite awhile!

Dave told me to "look tough" here.

Dave told me to look tough here. Are you buying it?

Anyway, I promise that soon this blog will hopefully feature more than silly, vain outfit shots (though I kinda love doing those). The vintage gods were very kind to me this year, and I hope to share some of the amazing home decor pieces I found!


  1. Your skirt and the tree go so well together, hehe!

    And those shoes are just lovely. I want some...

  2. Nice outfit! I like the jacket, skirt, hairpin, and defenitly the haircut.

  3. Love that outfit! Cute blog! <3