Monday, June 28, 2010

Roycroft Festival 2010!

This weekend, Dave and I headed out to my favorite little local festival, the Roycroft Festival! It's something I look forward to with an almost religious fervor each year. My parents used to take me when I was little, and we would visit my grandmother, who always sold her watercolors at the festival's art show. We'd also poke around and look at all the handmade crafts, watch a bagpipe parade, and get some popcorn from an antique musical stand. It's one of those things that I'm not sure I particularly enjoyed when I was little, but now that I'm older I appreciate it much more - especially the antiques! I find something to take home from the antiques portion of the festival just about every year.

2 or 3 years ago, I found my favorite vintage dress at this festival. That same vendor also had some other amazing pieces; a novelty print 50s skirt and a suit caught my eye in particular and I never forgot them, but I only had enough money to buy the dress. I looked for the vendor in subsequent years, but could never find her. This year, I had just about given up but my eyes were trained for vintage clothing in general. After walking aimlessly for a few minutes, my eyes zeroed in on a vintage clothing rack. "This is my booth!" I called out excitedly to Dave and didn't even wait for the poor guy to catch up with me, I ran to it so fast.

Oh dang, this was so good.
Bonus hippie dude on the left!

Hidden amongst the pretty old dresses in that rack was the very skirt I regretted not buying years ago!! I snapped it up of course, along with a super-pretty 40s dress. The skirt did not fit, alas, so I'll be putting it into the shop. The dress, however, fits like it was made for me! I'll be sharing that little beauty with you tomorrow. For now, I hope you'll enjoy the photos from the festival (which Dave was so thoughtful to take)! I also invite you to click on the photos for more detail; there's so much hidden vintage goodness to see! Oh, and I forgot to take a snap of the old banjo-playing guy who sang "Moon River" to me, but it was so awesome that it still deserves a mention.

Scanning the rails.

Alpacas all in a row.
Adorable alpacas! I love them so!

I heart vintage linens...
I'd really like to start a little collection of vintage linens. I love them, but never buy them! I guess I'm too afraid I'd ruin them? Still, I wish I'd bought that pretty little piece with the embroidered lotus flowers.

Perfect poodle purse!
This was the most breathtakingly perfect purse. At $75 though, I had to leave it behind. (My mom, who went to the festival earlier in the day, saw this and loved it, too. Funny that it caught both our eyes!)

Yummy brunch at Taste!
We had brunch at my favorite local coffee shop, Taste. I finally got to try their tiramisu french toast with marscapone cream and real maple syrup. It didn't really remind me all that much of tiramisu, but I still highly recommend it.

Dave at the cafe
Dave. <3

Hallo! And goodbye! Thanks for reading - hope you'll tune in soon to see the dress!

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  1. wow, that's a great story. my fav part was when you spotted the clothing rack + yelled out 'that's my booth!!' haha. hate the skirt didn't fit, but the dress you found is too cute!

    ps- you so had me at tiramisu french toast! that sounds amazing