Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dunny trading party at Hero

I gots a raffle ticket!

On Thursday night, Dave and I braved the Buffalo snowstorm to head out to Hero for their Dunny trading party celebrating the release of the new Dunny Fatale series. Dave collects those little guys. I'm sure many of you already know what Dunnys are, but for those who don't, they're little 3 inch bunny figures/canvases that are decorated by various artists and sold "blindboxed," which means that although there are many different figures in a series, they're all sold in the same uniform box - you never know what you'll get, and each figure comes in a different ratio. It's like a mystery surprise, which is pretty fun!

Dave is opening his Dunnys

Hero is a local store run by a very cute husband and wife design team, Mark and Beth. They design gorgeous screenprinted band posters (we've got this one in our kitchen) and greeting cards, and they also sell plenty of blindboxed and art toys. It's pretty fun to poke around in there; Dave and I are regulars! Their parties are always fun, complete with food, beer, good music, raffle prizes, and fellow folks to geek out about toys with. I traded some old doubles I had from past series for some shiny new things to give as little gifts; yay!

Dave's haul

Dave's haul at the end of the night - thanks for letting me borrow your photo, mister!

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