Monday, January 10, 2011

Meet the Girlies!

Well, hello all! Long time, no blog. I hope everyone's holidays were as wonderful as mine; I'm a lucky girl, indeed. I've also been having fun reading everyone's New Year's goals/resolutions. Here are a few of mine, in no particular order:

1.) Blog more regularly! I fell out of the habit, hard. I work in snowy, cold downtown Buffalo and one of my job duties is to make hand deliveries to various law offices and courthouses. I need to dress for warmth, comfort, and practicality. I still make an effort to be somewhat stylish, but it's difficult to photograph outfits indoors, and I'm not one of those girls who's willing to prance around for outfit photos in the wind and snow. Thus, I'm going to try to take my blog in a different direction for the winter and showcase my style in other ways. I'll be sharing photos from around my home, showing estate sale finds, and maybe posting some inspiration. Perhaps I'll find a way to sneak in a few outfits here and there, too, who knows? But I definitely want to get back in the blogging habit.

2.) Buy a house with Dave (fingers crossed)! MAIN GOAL OF THE YEAR

3.) Make fewer impulse purchases. Only buy what I really love, not just something kinda cute that happens to be on sale. Save to buy special, quality things; the time it'll take to save the money will also force me to take extra time to consider whether or not I really love/need the particular item. (At the top of my wishlist: a pair of black leather Repetto BB ballet flats, the red shorts or red dress from Rachel Antonoff's new S/S '11 collection, anything from Karla Spetic, and one of these Samantha Pleet pieces - not that I'll buy all or even any of these things! It's just a wishlist.)

4.) Work harder to grow my etsy store.

5.) Maybe travel, although it might be hard while saving up for the house. If Dave & I can make it to Disney World this summer for a week with my sisters and their significant others, I'll be a happy girl. But I wouldn't mind going to Paris, either!

In keeping with goal #1, I'd like to share some things I found in an antique store way back in September...

Meet the Girlies!!
"The Girlies" - Blonde
"The Girlies" - Brunette
"The Girlies" - Redhead
Aren't they wonderful? The backs are printed too (!), and are marked with "The 'Girlies' 1967." They're made of a thick, sturdy cardboard. They'll all go on a little white shelf above my desk once I have a house; for now they're living (rather precariously) in my closet. Google doesn't tell me much about these ladies; do you know anything?
I'm thinking they might help me model some things for my shop at some point? Here's the redhead showing off a sweet little nylon polka dot bed jacket:
It looks a little funny, but whatevs. Love!


  1. Now I kind of desire your wishlist too! And I like your plans/hopes for the year. As for those girlies, they scare me a little, but I quite like the redhead!

    P.S. My boyfriend really selects the weirdest pictures of me, where I look sleepy and (dare I say it) a bit passive. Men are so strange. ; )

  2. These hangers are way to cute!

  3. Those are the sweetest things I have ever seen! How fun. I'd have to dress them up and hang them on my closet door as room decor. Too cute.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  4. At last, I have found a "Girlies" post!!!

    I have 2 sets of each of the girlies! Five of them are in good shape, one needs a little work done on it. I love them as well and am looking into have them restored to perfection.

    They were given to me by my aunt. These hangers belonged to my cousins growing up, when they resided in West Patterson, NJ. Our family had a lot of connections with both the textile and fashion industries - but I will have to check to see exactly where they came from.


  5. Just a helpful note...If anyone is interested in purchasing some original, vintage Girlies hangers, check out this eBay auction...