Monday, November 22, 2010

On Display

On Display.

60s lace dress: my grandmother sewed this for my mom's high school dance!
Moto jacket: Anna Grace
Tights: It's a mystery
Antique handbag: gift from my grandmother
Boots: Industry, via Modcloth

Photos by Dave

The title of this post is so douchey, I'm sorry. I wore this outfit to a gallery recently. My husband’s robot art was showing for a few hours at the Burchfield Penney, along with several other local artists. A band played, and spoken word pieces were performed. I have never seen so many fashionable Buffalonians in one place; I kinda wish I had taken some snaps of the other attendees! Besides that, it was a wonderful event and the gallery was gorgeous. Dave was pretty excited to have his work shown there (I love this picture; he's so cute and happy):

Excitement and happiness!

It was really a gorgeous set-up:

Dave's paintings at the Burchfield Penney!

On Display Too.

Let me tell you about this dress. It belonged to my mother in the 60s. My grandmother sewed it for her high school cotillion (either sophomore or junior year). It fits me perfectly, and came into my life exactly when I was craving a cream-colored lace dress over the summer, when Francesca kept showing all her romantically pretty 60s and 70s lace dress finds on her blog. I got the fever for lace dresses pretty bad.

One of the docents gave me a really nice compliment on my purse, which made me so happy. I respect a docent's taste! I'm having trouble dating the bag though, anyone know its era?

Wow, it's a closeup of a purse!

I really love the pattern and colors, especially those graceful gazelles!

Thank you so much for reading; I really do appreciate everyone who stops by this blog. <3


  1. i love this outfit~you look so lovely! and your hair continues to be an inspiration to me.

  2. Thank you so much! My hair is actually an overgrown pixie cut; I'm itching to get it chopped again, like your lovely 'do!

  3. So lovely. I love that your outfit has history : )
    and the exhibit looks like it was a lot of fun that gallery space looks amazing!

  4. oh wow, so amazing that your grandmother sewed that dress for your mom - i dont have any pieces in my closet with such a lovely history behind it - well, maybe i do and i'll never know. fuck i love vintage to bits!


  5. La Fille, I feel really lucky to own several pieces that were my mom's/grandmother's. I wear them as often as I can. And if you ever find yourself in Buffalo, I highly recommend the Burchfield Penney - it really is gorgeous!

    Jenny, the history of the garments is one of many reasons why I love vintage, too! I like your enthusiasm!

  6. i love a lace dress, especially one with such a great backstory as yours!

  7. What a lovely dress! And the bag is very unusual and it certainly looks old... but I have no idea what era it belongs to! Maybe you could ask someone who's into antiques? I love garments with history :).

  8. WHOA, your mom must've been the belle of the ball. STUNNING vintage dress and how awesome is it that it's from your family?! Love how you styled it with those boots :)

  9. Mitukatie: Thanks! Though I sell vintage, this is one of those things I'll never part with - too precious.

    Dial V for Vintage: Thank you! Since writing this post, I've since seen a similar bag on etsy that was dated to the 50s... hmmmm.

    Monkeyface: Aw, thanks! She was really gorgeous, I should post some old photos one of these days!

  10. Hey Alicia, great blog and great post, (iwannalacedress)Id say the bag is def late 40's early 50's as according to my mother (vintage expert extraordinare) Oriental type prints were very popular then,either way Ive never seen one quite like it,fabulous!